1. Okay there's this show "From Fit to Fat to Fit Again" ?????
    I think? Idk it's TRASH
  2. The concept is personal trainers gain weight and then lose it again so they can empathize with their fatty fat clients and then help them lose weight
  3. What the fuck even is this?????
  4. You can't emphasize with a fat person??????
  5. This is the equivalent of when Tyra Banks wore a fat suit
  6. This is comparable to if someone wore blackface to empathize with black people
    But not the same because OBVIOUSLY blackface has much larger and more painful cultural connotations
  7. Like what???? Are??? You???? Even???? Saying?????
  8. You should be able to empathize with fat people because they are PEOPLE
  9. And maybe you'd be able to help them get HEALTHIER if you didn't treat their fat like a problem that needs to be solved
  10. And treat them like a human who is trying to get stronger and feel better outside of how they specifically look
  11. This show is fucking trash
  12. And it makes me angry
  13. Idk why I'm surprised when I see the ads while watching "Married at First Sight"
  14. Anyway, throw yourselves in the garbage