@calliegorman and I were transported to a land of holiday magic at Macy's
  1. Peacock Christmas Tree
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    Every ornament was peacock related. Detailed branding at its finest
  2. Sweets Christmas Tree
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    Ice cream, cupcakes, and lollipops. On point
  3. Wine Christmas Tree
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    Wine glasses, wine bottles, wine barrels. Very relatable
  4. New England Nautical Christmas Tree
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    Lighthouses, buoys, sailor Santas, lobsters. Into anything New England
  5. Woodland Christmas Tree
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    Birds' nests and pine cones and shit. Inoffensive
  6. California Surf Christmas Tree
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    Had lots of fish and surfing Santas, the tree itself was a weird teal color
  7. Around the World Christmas Tree
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    Had these globe ornaments and then different landmarks, but felt v. Eurocentric
  8. Candy Cane Christmas Tree
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    Overwhelming amount of candy canes
  9. Ballet Christmas Tree
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    Showed diversity in their ballerinas but still promotes unattainable body standards
  10. Fishing Christmas Tree
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    Fish and leers and other words idk. Fishing stuff. Whatever
  11. Sports Christmas Tree
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    Idk sports stuff. Snowboarding, soccer balls, footballs. Seemed all over the place
  12. Macy's Christmas Tree
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    Aggressive levels of branding
  13. Asian Christmas Tree
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    This tree had pandas, sumo wrestlers, fortune cookies, fans, pagodas, and origami. Honestly was offensive af