1. Treestars from "The Land Before Time"
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  2. The bowl of food that Jenny makes for Oliver in "Oliver and Company"
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    Every time I get froyo I am trying to achieve this
  3. Grubs from "The Lion King"
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  4. Meeko's crackers from "Pocahantas"
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    I had a giant stuffed Meeko and it was holding a stuffed version of these crackers. Elusive.
  5. Pizza from "All Dogs Go To Heaven"
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    Alright it's not weird to want pizza but this pizza was just so dope it could not be ignored
  6. The porridge from "Mulan"
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    Topping food with fried eggs and bacon is v. on trend right now
  7. Creme de la Creme de la Edgar
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    Like I know it's poison but it still looks delicious?
  8. Leaning Tower of Cheeza
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