Put my money where my mouth is on @list and gave to each of these organizations today. Even if you're a young, recent grad like me, giving just a small amount to organizations you care about makes a difference. Here are the ones close to my heart:
  1. Planned Parenthood
    More important than ever to give to Planned Parenthood. Plannedparenthood.org
  2. Black Lives Matter Chicago
    Also so, so, so important right now, especially in the wake of Rekia Boyd's death. Blacklivesmatterchicago.com
  3. Dana Farber Cancer Institute
    Where my mom was treated for cancer, I want to give to help all the hardworking people and families of patients there. I specifically gave to their Sarcoma and Bone Cancer research, as Sarcoma is what my mom had and it's vastly underfunded and misunderstood. It took about two weeks for her to get diagnosed because Sarcoma is so unknown. And when diagnosed, it's essentially a death sentence, extremely aggressive and difficult to treat. (See also @mindy's post about PanCan.org) Dana-Farber.org
  4. Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
    A research institution dedicated to educating and improving the gender gap in the media. The change I want to see in the world. Seejane.org
  5. Trans Lifeline
    The only suicide prevention hotline dedicated to trans people, 41% of which will attempt suicide in their lifetime. The organization is understaffed and often has to miss many calls because the volume is so huge. They need our help! They are trying to raise $4100 for Giving Tuesday and so far have $125. It's so important for trans youth to have this space! Translifeline.org
  6. Pittsburgh Action Against Rape
    Worked with this organization in college and just really passionate about what they do. Want to help all the young students in my college town dealing with sexual assault. Paar.net