This list is mostly for my own purposes. Also I'm an obnoxious foodie. With @calliegorman
  1. Sun Wah BBQ
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    Apparently has the best Peking Duck. Look at those buns!!! You have to order it days in advance, and then they make you duck soup and duck fried rice with your leftovers. Dreamy.
  2. Duck Duck Goat
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    Stephanie Izard's newest restaurant with an Asian focus. Not open yet. Bring on the duck!!!
  3. The Duck Inn
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  4. Restoration Hardware Cafe
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    Snobby, commercialized, 100% my jam. @drugs knows.
  5. Parachute
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    More delicious Asian food, this time it's also v fancy, the chef was on Top Chef I think
  6. Trencherman
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    In the heart of trendy af Wicker Park I honestly don't know why I haven't been here yet
  7. Blackbird
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    Went to their sister restaurant Avec and was not impressed but really want to see how this compares
  8. Grace
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    HAHA just kidding this won't ever happen, it costs like $200 to breathe the air here
  9. Naoki Sushi
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    I'm addicted to sushi and this is opening right near my house