Another polarizing food list from me
  1. Barbacoa
    We should all feel lucky enough to live in a world where this exists. The perfect meat to compliment all other Chipotle ingredients. Brings spice and yummy goodness. So good. Just perfect.
  2. Steak
    Normally I would steer clear of any fast food steak situation but this is surprisingly juicy and tender. A good option if they're out of Barbacoa. I need my steak to be RARE and this somehow meets my standards despite sitting in a metal tin all day. Well done, Chipotle (except not the steak is not well done which is why it's well done).
  3. Veggies
    Pretty good, I go for this when I'm feeling cheap. I already get the veggies in my bowl when I order and this just gives you that plus FREE GUAC. Delicious.
  4. Carnitas
    Why would you get these when you could get Barbacoa? It's like, oh I'd like Barbacoa but less juicy and flavorful please! Also aren't the carnitas like unsustainable or something? Idk they pulled them from the menu for a while and no one was sad about it.
  5. Sofritas
    I've never had these but they look pretty good, wouldn't be surprised if they surpassed a lot of the others but I can't be sure. But I definitely know they're better than Chipotle's chicken.
  6. Chicken
    UNPOPULAR BUT CORRECT OPINION: Chipotle's chicken brings the term overdone and dry to new heights. I used to think I didn't like Chipotle because I just had the chicken and it's so bad. It tastes like burnt, chewy, nothingness. Everyone gets this and I don't understand!!!!