You may have thought chokers were just a fun trend but they're actually what's keeping decapitated women alive so maybe before you judge you should think about others for a second, how would you feel if you were headless? NOT GREAT I'm guessing. ~*awareness*~
  1. Yeah so um Rihanna got her head cut off in a freak rollercoaster accident. Not a lot of people know that but inside sources tell me she's completely decapitated. She's so strong! What an inspiration.
  2. Wow so Rosie-Huntington Whiteley and Jason Statham apparently are very into French Revolution role play and let's just say things got out of hand. Thank god she has a choker now, wow so brave.
  3. Katy Perry like as a cute joke wanted to dress up as Uma Thurman in Kill Bill so she did and she had this katana and she was dancing to "Firework" ... Anyway luckily a PA had a choker on hand
  4. Vanessa Hudgens okay like not a lot of people know this because she's super humble but she's very active in the narwhal rescue community but something went awry... But it's not the narwhal's fault, he was just being a narwhal. She wants people to know that.
  5. Ariana Grande's head is actually made of plastic so it comes on and off pretty easily, like that's just how it goes when you're an enlarged Bratz doll
  6. Yeah so Taylor Swift was abducted by aliens and they cut her head off and put it on a chihuahua's body, it was actually documented in the movie "Mars Attacks!" the evidence is pretty damning.
  7. Gigi Hadid is actually Yolanda Foster wearing a choker that makes her younger magically but that's why non-choker Yolanda has health problems, that's actually what Lyme disease is. Also her head fell off but that was an unrelated incident.
  8. Anyway I'm just saying like think twice before you judge, you never know a person's story