If you're out on the road, don't be
  1. Dean
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  2. Taylor Doose
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    The enemy
  3. The Troubador
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    No thanks
  4. Andrew
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    Who are you?
  5. Jess Mariano
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    The angst
  6. Michel
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    Why do you live here?
  7. Drella
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  8. Sophie
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    Weak use of Carole King
  9. TJ
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  10. Kyon
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    Her deal was never clear to me
  11. Jackson
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    Brings little to the table (just vegetables)
  12. Zach
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    Kind of a blockhead
  13. Reverend Skinner and Rabbi Barans
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    Felt uncomfortable ranking them separately
  14. Rory Gilmore
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    Not a great person honestly
  15. Lorelai Gilmore
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    Not a great person but at least kind of interesting
  16. Mrs. Kim
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    Sucks but then comes through in the clutch
  17. Caesar
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    Good kid
  18. Lindsay
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    Poor Lindsay
  19. Liz
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    She just seems fun
  20. Lulu
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    A sweetheart
  21. Babette
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    Ate oatmeal
  22. Morey
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    Chill af
  23. Brian
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    Just doing his best
  24. Kirk
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  25. Luke Danes
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    Gets it most of the time
  26. Gil
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    I mean
  27. Gypsy
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  28. Dave
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    The perfect man
  29. Sookie St. James
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  30. Lane Kim
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    By far the coolest
  31. Miss Patty
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    Nobody better