1. 11.
    Pepsi Max
    Garbage juice
  2. 10.
    Caffeine Free Pepsi
    Great if you like your garbage caffeine free
  3. 9.
    For those who think they're garbage
  4. 8.
    Coke Zero
    Why do you even exist? You're gross and the fact that there's a market for you upsets me to the core
  5. 7.
    Regular Coke
    Honestly disgusting. Will spit it out if I have a sip
  6. 6.
    RC Cola
    I don't know her
  7. 5.
    Store brand cola
    Disgusting but at least less expensive than disgusting Coke
  8. 4.
    Caffeine free Diet Pepsi
    Great if you like your garbage caffeine and sugar free
  9. 3.
    Diet Pepsi
    Dear restaurants~ it's never okay
  10. 2.
    Store band diet cola
    You're getting warmer
  11. 1.
    Diet Coke
    If Lin Manuel Miranda's masterpiece "Hamilton" we're a soft drink, it would be this perfect concoction. Refreshing, crisp, flows through my veins I'm pretty sure. Diet Coke is life, anything else is sewage.