moments in culture where i was like~ wait r u sure ur not me?!?!
  1. "Billy on the Street" when he finds out a baby is named Arrow and immediately walks away from it
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  2. Hannah Horvath on "Girls" when she laid down in the woods and listened to "This American Life" in protest of hiking
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  3. Marnie on "Girls" sings a piano version of "Stronger"
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    So painful and so something I would think was a great idea
  4. "Night Cheese"
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    Constantly singing and constantly eating cheese honestly
  5. "I didn't know you sang. Funny cause it's sort of my thing. Next thing I know you'll tell me you're really blonde and have a urinary tract infection." Proceeded by a nosebleed that is "definitely not a rage stroke."
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  6. "Imma let you finish but Beyoncé had one of the best albums of all time"
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    Would go to any length to defend Beyoncé
  7. All the times Andy Dwyer fell into the pit
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  8. Max from "Happy Endings" goes into hibernation mode
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  9. "Pinot Noir" music video
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    Have rocked very similar looks
  10. "Meryl Streep could play Batman and be the right choice"
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  11. Britney Spears' faces as she judges "The X Factor"
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    That whole season I was like, is this TV a mirror???
  12. Everything Stassi ever said on "Vanderpump Rules"
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  13. When they cut to the goth girls in "After Today" from "A Goofy Movie"
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  14. Kim Kardashian crops her baby out of her selfie because North was blinking and she was "feeling her look," followed by "can I live!???"
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    Don't even have a baby and I still was like, was this me???
  15. Abbi from "Broad City's" "Famous Favorites" illustrations
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  16. Damien in "Mean Girls" when he says he's been really busy with choir
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    Classic go-to excuse
  17. Tina Belcher's fantasy shark friendship
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  18. Betty Draper shoots her annoying neighbor's birds
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    The more I think about this, the more confident I am that I would do it