moments in culture where i was like~ wait r u sure ur not me?!?!
  1. "Billy on the Street" when he finds out a baby is named Arrow and immediately walks away from it
  2. Hannah Horvath on "Girls" when she laid down in the woods and listened to "This American Life" in protest of hiking
  3. Marnie on "Girls" sings a piano version of "Stronger"
    So painful and so something I would think was a great idea
  4. "Night Cheese"
    Constantly singing and constantly eating cheese honestly
  5. "I didn't know you sang. Funny cause it's sort of my thing. Next thing I know you'll tell me you're really blonde and have a urinary tract infection." Proceeded by a nosebleed that is "definitely not a rage stroke."
  6. "Imma let you finish but Beyoncé had one of the best albums of all time"
    Would go to any length to defend Beyoncé
  7. All the times Andy Dwyer fell into the pit
  8. Max from "Happy Endings" goes into hibernation mode
  9. "Pinot Noir" music video
    Have rocked very similar looks
  10. "Meryl Streep could play Batman and be the right choice"
  11. Britney Spears' faces as she judges "The X Factor"
    That whole season I was like, is this TV a mirror???
  12. Everything Stassi ever said on "Vanderpump Rules"
  13. When they cut to the goth girls in "After Today" from "A Goofy Movie"
  14. Kim Kardashian crops her baby out of her selfie because North was blinking and she was "feeling her look," followed by "can I live!???"
    Don't even have a baby and I still was like, was this me???
  15. Abbi from "Broad City's" "Famous Favorites" illustrations
  16. Damien in "Mean Girls" when he says he's been really busy with choir
    Classic go-to excuse
  17. Tina Belcher's fantasy shark friendship
  18. Betty Draper shoots her annoying neighbor's birds
    The more I think about this, the more confident I am that I would do it