Full disclosure: Not entirely sure what a doctoral dissertation is
  1. Kanye West: A Reflection of Race in America
  2. Beyoncé: A Reflection of Race and Gender in America
  3. Sullen Girls: Fiona Apple, Rape Culture, and the Experience of the "Damaged" Woman in America
  4. It Seemed Perfect At First: "30 Rock," White Feminism, and the Dangers of "Lean In"
  5. I'm Just Worried About Her Health: How the "Obesity Epidemic" is Just Another War on Women
  6. The World Was Wide Enough for Both Hamilton and Me: What Hamilton's Broadway Success Can Teach Us About Diversity in Media
  7. Pinkwashing: How Cancer as a Commodity Hurts Patients, Belittles Women, and Brings Us Farther from a Cure
  8. Kim K, Superstar: How a Generation Rejected the Rejection of the American Dream
  9. Kim K, Third Wave Feminist: Our Obsession with The Female Form Throughout History and How Today's Women Have Made It Their Own
  10. Do Read the Comments: Why the Darkest Corners of the Internet Are What We Need to Pay Attention to Most