I'm interested, does Rihanna know who Dan Aykroyd is? Here's a presentation of possible evidence:
  1. Rihanna grew up in Barbados.
    Do reruns of SNL air in Barbados? I looked it up and couldn't draw any conclusions. My guess is probably but rarely. Not enough for Rihanna to really know who he is. By the time she got to the US she was plucked up by Jay-Z, I doubt she had any down time to catch an old episode of SNL while channel surfing. I'm not sure if Rihanna knows anything about SNL pre-Will Ferrell. But I think she knows who Bill Murray is but might not know he started on SNL.
  2. Rihanna is friends with Drake.
    They've worked together, they hang out. Drake definitely knows who Dan Aykroyd is, he was a child actor in Canada, he probably cites Dan Ayroyd as an inspiration. There's a chance Rihanna and Drake were hanging out and Drake made them watch "Ghostbusters." But just because Rihanna knows "Ghostbusters" doesn't mean she knows who he IS. Do you think Drake would mention Dan Aykroyd by name while watching "Ghostbusters" with Rihanna and Rihanna would remember that name enough to know Dan Aykroyd?
  3. Rihanna likes Jimmy Kimmel.
    She's a fan of comedy, she had Jimmy Kimmel host a fundraiser event she had. Maybe she was on a Jimmy Kimmel YouTube deep dive and discovered old clips of Coneheads?
  4. Rihanna went to the SNL 40th Anniversary Party
    Did she meet Dan Aykroyd? Did someone introduce them? If so, was he memorable enough for her to process who he is? There were a lot of people at that event, they could have very easily never crossed paths.
  5. Dan Aykroyd co-founded the House of Blues
    Rihanna has performed at the House of Blues in Orlando, San Diego, and possibly more locations, including for charity concerts. How involved is Dan Aykroyd in the goings on at any given House of Blues? Have his people reached out to Riri's people in the past? Does she know him but just as that booker from the House of Blues who keeps telling her that ghosts exist?
  6. The Blues Brothers!
    Rihanna has at least seen the iconography! She's at least seen them do their little live show thing at Universal Studios when she was no doubt getting some sort of private tour? Probably comes with the territory when you perform at the Orlando House of Blues. So, how inquisitive is Rihanna? Did she ask someone who those guys were? Or did she just not give a fuck which is the moniker of her brand?
  7. CRUCIAL POINT OF CONTENTION: Has Rihanna seen "Crossroads" ??!
    Maybe she watched it for fun with her girlfriends. She was an aspiring singer when it came out, maybe she wanted to see her career idol Britney. Maybe she watched it later when deciding whether or not she should take that role in "Battleship." Point is, Dan Aykroyd is the dad in "Crossroads" and he gives a stirring performance. Definitely one where she might say, I think I recognize that dude, and then Google him.
  8. What do you guys think? Does Rihanna know who Dan Aykroyd is?
    Why or why not? Show your work.
  9. No
    Well, maybe... But, she smokes so much, she probably forgets who he is.
    Suggested by @olive
  10. It's possible, if she watched a classic 90s movie in her youth
    Rihanna was 5 when My Girl came out. Five it a few years to get to Barbados, then into reruns. She'd be about 8-9. Perfect age to watch that movie over and over again (I know this because I was 9 when it came out and I watched it over and over again). He played Vada's father, who owned the funeral home. So she probably knows him
    Suggested by @dmbanthony
  11. She knows *of* him
    She recognizes the name and face separately. Could probably pick him out of a lineup but wouldn't know him if she passed him on the street
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  12. She knows the name but doesn't really know he is, if you know what I mean
    Suggested by @stars