1. Eating at all the best restaurants
    Like I magically know what the best ones are without having to pore over Yelp! reviews and I am never disappointed. My dream vacay includes so much food!!!
  2. Naps that pause time
    I take lots of naps but no time passes while I'm napping so I still have enough time for activities!!!
  3. No one else is there!!!
    I have whatever city I'm in ALL TO MYSELF. Food just magically appears at restaurants! I can just take whatever I want from stores for free! Maybe my sister can come but she only wants to walk slowly and do the things I want to do! Also sometimes there are celebrities there that I see that I can tell people I saw on my vacation
  4. Museums have all the famous stuff in one room
    I'm on a tight timeline and only wanna see the stuff I've heard of. Put it all in once place for me please!!!
  5. Massages
    Begin every morning and end every day with a massage. Yep!! It's my dream vacation, I get two massages a day!!
  6. My instagrams are 🔥
    Yeah like every picture I take is worthy of being in a magazine and everyone just sees how amazing my trip is and is so jealous and thinks I'm such a talented photographer
  7. My outfits are 🔥🔥
    Every day I have the perfect look that connects thematically with where I am. And they are perfectly showcased in the aforementioned instagrams
  8. My hotel is 🔥🔥🔥
    Big fluffy bed in a huge suite all for me. And it has a GIANT TUB. And a pool. Where I'm the only person at the pool. Maybe the pool is in my suite. And it's an indoor outdoor pool so I can enjoy both options. And there is a free mini bar. And great movies to watch on the room TV