there were A LOT
  1. I was at an awards show and walked Aaron Sorkin to his seat bc for some reason he was feeble and Tina Fey was already walking Carol Burnett to her seat so I was the only one who could do it.
  2. Anyway right before he was about to sit down he passed out and went into shock so I had to call over Kalinda from The Good Wife to help me out
  3. He died and then there were lots of rumors about us dating.
  4. Okay #2: I hugged Blac Chyna and told her she was a legitimate inspiration to me
  5. #3: James Franco invited me to his secret apartment and I had to be like blindfolded to come in and then it was this big rooftop party with lots of other celebrities
  6. Then Taylor Momsen kissed him and told him she loved him and it was very awkward, also there was a big fire across the street
  7. And I made fun of him for having a huge stack of Men's Health magazines
  8. Okay yeah this is my brain bye!
    also I saw Beyonce last night and then hung out with a gay couple who both work for the GOP so things were life changing to say the least okay night