1. Larry David
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    "He's making us tour every civil war battlefield" Instagram.com/cazziedavid
  2. Dennis Graham
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    Drake's dad "I love these glasses this lady in Sweden makes they are one of a kind I have to obtain her info and will be posting it later but they are fabulous" Instagram.com/therealdennisg (he's not even embarrassing he's just mad swag)
  3. Kris Jenner
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    Personal email from her daughter Kim via Instagram.com/krisjenner
  4. Sandy Rogen
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  5. David Beckham
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    "Dads not happy about me being cooler than him" Instagram.com/brooklynbeckham He also went on Brooklyn's first date with him
  6. Tanya Kelly
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    Apparently Iggy Azalea's mom has been making fake Iggy Azalea fan accounts and not telling her daughter. Amazing. http://www.cambio.com/2015/03/01/iggy-azalea-got-catfished-by-her-own-mom/
  7. Barack Obama
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    Pardoning a turkey like a fucking loser