The update wasn't enough
  1. White wine, preferably being thrown in someone's face
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  2. Eye roll, preferably as Liz Lemon
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  3. A face wearing a SK-II face mask
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    For when you're on your beauty hustle or when you're on your Silence of the Lambs hustle
  4. Shower shoes
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    Idk why but I want it
  5. Charcuterie platter
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    Or at least some cheeses that aren't Swiss
  6. Hummer
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    To identify doucbebags
  7. Diet Coke can
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  8. Leather jacket
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    For when you're feeling ~cool~
  9. Deodorant
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    So you can DL let a bud know if they stank, both literally and metaphorically
  10. Kim Kardashian crying face
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