1. Friday night: I drive up to their cabin in Vermont
    Because the Hamptons are way too much of a scene for them.
  2. We have a delicious dinner in their open floorplan kitchen
    Felicity made margherita flat bread pizzas in their wood burning oven with ingredients from their garden. They are every bit as delightful and unpretentious as she is
  3. After dinner we make our way to the living room for aperitifs
    Luis Guzman stops by with a cheese plate because he lives nearby. We sit on their rustic leather furniture, drinking wine and chatting about "Boogie Nights." Bill says he thinks Paul Thomas Anderson would really like me and he'll introduce us next time he's in town.
  4. Lights out, time for bed
    Luis bids us goodnight, Bill and Felicity go to bed. I snuggle myself in their shearling blankets on the couch and quietly watch episodes of "Sports Night" on my laptop while giggling to myself.
  5. Saturday morning: Breakfast
    I wake up on the couch to Bill bursting through the door. He's got a jar of syrup he just tapped from a maple tree outside. Felicity starts the griddle and makes granola pancakes with earthy, dark coffee that I pretend to like.
  6. Felicity and I go for a drive to see the fall foliage
    Bill wants to work in the yard so we decide to have some girl time together. We end up talking about love and motherhood and creativity for hours on the drive and make our way all the way to Maine! We stop occasionally to take photos on Felicity's vintage film camera~ she's not on Instagram.
  7. Saturday afternoon: Lobster rolls and whoopie pies
    I realize we're not too far from Red's Eats, a little shack that has Oprah's favorite lobster roll and Martha Stewart's favorite whoopie pies. I make Felicity drive us there and we enjoy our lunch on picnic tables, and we are the perfect temperature wrapped in our sweaters. Felicity is really impressed with my suggestion.
  8. We head back to Vermont
    Felicity can tell I'm sleepy from a long work week, so she lets me doze off in the back while she softly plays Stevie Nicks through the radio.
  9. Saturday night: Going boating
    I wake up just as Felicity pulls into the driveway. Bill is out front already holding a big cooler in one arm and a giant pot in the other and hops in the front seat. We're going boating on Lake Champlain!
  10. Booze, boats, lobster, fireworks
    We get on the water in their effortlessly elegant yet humble sailboat. Bill pulls out hoppy IPAs and prosecco from the cooler, and the pot is full of lobster, clams, corn, and potatoes he prepared in a clam bake that afternoon. I tell him that Felicity and I had lobster rolls for lunch and they laugh and say, "can you ever have too much lobster?" They're so right. We eat and drink and watch the fireworks that are happening for an inexplicable reason.
  11. Back to bed
    Boozed up and chock full of seafood, I fall asleep in the back seat again. Bill wakes me up, brings me inside, and tucks me back in on their couch.
  12. Sunday morning: Breakfast at the diner
    After letting me sleep in until 10, they take me to their favorite diner for breakfast. They're regulars and even though it's packed we get a table immediately. I have the most amazing eggs Benedict of my life. It's the perfect farewell to our perfect weekend.
  13. Sunday afternoon: Headed home
    I drive back home and miraculously there's no traffic at all. When I get there I find a a beautifully wrapped present in the back seat. It's a script of "Magnolia" signed by the entire cast (even Philip Seymour Hoffman signed it from beyond the grave!) with a note that reads, "Thanks for a fun weekend. You're a great friend."