this is so boring sorry
  1. Early childhood: Apple Juice
    I called it "appy" and used to hug the bottle when my mom brought it home from the grocery store
  2. Childhood: Cranberry juice
    My mom worked for Ocean Spray so cranberry juice was always free and flowing. I am still very into it
  3. Age 17: Iced Chai from Starbucks
    My high school best friend introduced me to this and quite frankly it still holds up
  4. Age 18: Diet Dr. Pepper and Vodka
    Specifically from the vending machine of my freshman dorm (not the vodka though). I can't stomach clear alcohol anymore
  5. Age 19: Malibu
    Mixed with nothing. Had been known to drink entire bottles in one sitting. Yikes
  6. Age 20: Naked Mighty Mango
    I drank one of these a day for like all four years of college, but especially junior year when I worked the hardest and was up at 2am working in studio and accompanied it with hummus and pretzels
  7. Age 21: Fireball and ginger ale
    Yikes, could not stomach this now, but I thought this was really cool
  8. Age 24: Whiskey on the rocks
    I discovered that you can just order liquor on the rocks without mixers and it was a game changer in my life in good and bad ways. What kind of whiskey do I prefer you ask?? The cheapest one?
  9. Birth-Death: Diet Coke
    Forever and always, my baby you'll be