1. "Queen of Jordan"
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    I would watch this religiously and write thoughtful recaps
  2. "Grizz and Herz"
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    100% in for this
  3. "I'm a Celebrity Dog, Get Me Out Arf Here"
    So into this concept
  4. "MILF Island"
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    I mean, one of my implants exploded and I didn't even ask to get off the catapult
  5. "Dealbreakers"
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    Remember waving?
  6. "America's Kidz Got Singing"
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    I'm gonna be constructive here. You should kill yourself.
  7. "TGS with Tracy Jordan"
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    Somebody put too many farts in the engine, it's about to explode!
  8. "Homonym"
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    No, it's the other one
  9. "Child Hell Flight"
    We put a bunch of people on a plane, fly them over the Atlantic, then Tom Bergeron comes out and reveals that the pilot is a six year-old boy
  10. "Gold Case"
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    Oh, gold's real heavy, isn't it?
  11. "Gals on the Town"
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    Love and friendship, having it all, or maybe just a new pair of shoes! One of them has to be Asian, can they be good at their jobs?
  12. "America's Next Top Black Guy"
    This feels a little too close to being real
  13. "Bitch Hunter"
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    Put the mimosas down, bitch
  14. "Are You Stronger Than a Dog?"
    Quick answer: no
  15. "Vontella"
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    Give me back my man, bitch!
  16. "America's Next Top Pirate"
    I've seen enough Johnny Depp impersonators in my life
  17. "The Hot Box with Avery Jessup"
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    We'll be right back after this ad aimed at the elderly
  18. "Sports Shouting"
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