I'm a foodie but also like sometimes you need to just take your artisanal junk and shove it! (Yeah I'm gross. DEAL W/ IT)
  1. Cornbread
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    Real cornbread tastes too much like corn. Grocery store cornbread is sweet and buttery. This picture doesn't do justice what I am imagining.
  2. Garlic Bread
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    Frozen grocery store garlic bread is just like a whole other world of garlic bread, I'm sorry
  3. Cake
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    I love cheapass grocery store frosting, keep that fondant far from me.
  4. Cookies
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    Those soft cookies with the icing are the #1 type of cookies in the world
  5. Rotisserie Chicken
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    That shit is always way better than any chicken I've ever made
  6. Uncrustables
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    I'm really into these? Way more than regular PB&Js. Especially delicious when still slightly frozen (guys I know!!!! I'm gross)
  7. Margarine
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    This doesn't necessarily apply because I also love butter but like YO I am into the taste of margarine especially on toast
  8. But also my favorite foods are lobster and goat cheese so I'm still ~refined~
    Just sometimes you have a hankering for some cheapass shit that is undeniably yummy af