I love GG but can't help but feel like it's awfully white, straight, and cis. I'm happy we're getting a revival, but what if we got a remake?? What would it look like w/ some diversity up in there?? Suggest more!! Even for characters I already listed!!
  1. Rory
    Amandla Stenberg. Whip-smart, effortlessly beautiful, too good for this world. Check, check, check.
  2. Lorelai
    Rashida Jones. Quippy, cool, confident, and complicated. So Lorelai
  3. Emily
    Kelly Bishop. Kelly Bishop stays the same because Kelly Bishop is bae
  4. Richard
    Andre Braugher. Stoic, regal, intimidating yet warm. Born for the role
  5. Daisy (Luke)
    Cameron Esposito. Luke was written as a female character named Daisy, why not change it back?? But keep the will they or won't they vibes!
  6. Christopher
    Derek Luke. Christopher is hot and so is Derek Luke
  7. Sookie
    Trace Lysette. Yeah, why not have Sookie be trans?? Trace Lysette is charming as hell
  8. Jackson
    Stephen Yeun. Sweet but strong, good at played exhausted.
  9. Lane
    Yasmine al Massri. What if instead of being a Seventh Day Adventist, Lane was Muslim? She rocks out on drums while wearing a hijab. Yes Yasmine is much older than high school but so was Keiko Agena when GG started!!
  10. Dean
    This guy from Teen Wolf. He already has Dean hair
  11. Jess
    Hailee Steinfeld. Jess is a female! She swoops in and broods like the best of em
  12. Logan
    Jaden Smith. Who better understands how to play a character with an unbelievably rich dad? Jaden would definitely be very into The Life and Death Brigade
  13. Paris
    Zendaya. I think she'd be perfect at being the high-strung foil to more relaxed Rory. She would bring the Paris Geller attitude
  14. Max Medina
    Jesse Williams. He was a teacher for real. Except we would never get over the breakup with this guy.
  15. Kirk
    Kristen Schaal. Except in the first episode she would play a character named Mick installing DSL lines.
    Suggested by   @kates08