Let's take a look at what was rocked ten years ago...
  1. The Good: Beyonce
    This dress is so 2006 but she looks so good
  2. The Bad: Christina Milian
    Aw no
  3. The Ugh-ly: Nelly
    Just so much look happening
  4. The Good: Mariah takes home a bunch of Grammys
  5. The Bad: Mariah's hair extensions
  6. The Ugh-ly: Brooke Hogan was in attendance
  7. The Good: Peak Christina Aguilera style
  8. The Bad: Teri Hatcher's matching color scheme
  9. The Ugh-ly: Whatever Slipknot was up tp
  10. The Good: Damn Kelly Rowland
  11. The Bad: Damn Ludacris
  12. The Ugh-ly: Jay-Z wears a John Lennon t-shirt
  13. The Good: Gwen Stefani
  14. The Bad: Ciara
    Don't worry girl, it gets better!
  15. The Ugh-ly: Missy Elliott
    Im rooting for you Missy but this look isn't it, good gum bubble tho
  16. The Good: Kanye and Donda!!!
    RIP this makes me emotional
  17. The Bad: Queen Latifah
    I'm here for you
  18. The Ugh-ly: Pete Wentz's jacket
  19. The Good: Kelly Clarkson
    Love her
  20. The Bad: Madonna wore a top from Forever 21
  21. The Ugh-ly: Chris Brown
    Get out