1. Marquis de Lafayette
    The bangin-est
  2. Alexander Hamilton
  3. Angelica Schuyler
  4. Maria Reynolds
  5. George Washington
    I cannot tell I lie, I'd tap that
  6. Hercules Mulligan
    Into horses? Like sexually? Fine w/ that
  7. Thomas Jefferson
    Hate sex
  8. Elizabeth Schuyler
    You'd have to go on a few dates first
  9. Aaron Burr
    Seems like a more caring lover than friend, would probably call u Theodosia in bed tho
  10. James Madison
    Too stressed out all the time
  11. King George III
    So many garments to take off
  12. Peggy Schuyler
    So sweet and innocent, aw Peggy
  13. John Laurens
    I hate John Laurens and I don't know why?