Asking the important questions
  1. Context:
  2. Leave a note on their desk like "Hey I'm your friend but your hair is textbook fuckboy"
  3. Or be like, "I met this guy and I just couldn't take him seriously bc he had a fuckboy haircut." And then just describe your coworkers haircut to them
  4. Start asking them to "pound it" and see how they react and if they are not into it look at their head and said, "huh. Weird."
  5. Tell him that everyone in the office is shaving their heads in solidarity bc someone has cancer and then once he does it tell him the cancer turned out to be a false alarm
  6. Leave tickets to a Hoobastank concert on his desk with a note that says "Thought you would enjoy :)"
  7. Tell him his hair looks like Derrick from MasterChef and he'll get the picture hopefully