These are some of the things Ive detected:
  1. I see a lot of young, same-sex female affairs and flings on television but not many solid, same-sex female, long-term relationships. But I often see settled down the same-sex male couples
    I think The Fosters is the only exception to this?
  2. There are a lot of well-known male little people actors but no female little people actors that I know of
  3. Have you ever had a female pilot on a plane? I haven't
  4. I was buying headphones today and they had one set DESIGNED 4 WOMEN (???)
    "Tuned for her, Knockout's sound delivers cleaner, deeper bass and very natural sounding vocals. We created a headband and ear cups designed to provide the comfort a woman prefers." THIS JUST IN: Men hate comfort
  5. Low brow culture targeted at women is way more criticized than low brow culture targeted at men
    The Kardashians vs. Sports
  6. Where are trans men's stories during the cultural conversation about trans rights that's happening right now??
    Chaz Bono can't hold it down alone! I think trans women are much more palatable, even, nay *especially* to feminists and I think we rly need to examine that.
  7. Let's stop putting gender in front of job titles
    No more lady cops or male nurses, just no need for it
  8. Lots of applications for things require me to give my gender when it's really not necessary
    Let's get rid of this please
  9. I feel like male musicians are much more celebrated as they age
    Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, etc all still headline hip music fests. Where's Carly Simon? Blondie? I guess we have Madonna...
  10. I feel like girl squads have reached a tipping point and are now really bad
  11. Who are gendered bathrooms helping?
    No one