Inspired by @jessacosta
  1. King George III, "Hamilton"
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    Waiting for the phone call when Jonathan Groff leaves in June
  2. John Adams, "1776"
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    John Adams doesn't have a real job anyway
  3. Nicely Nicely Johnson, "Guys & Dolls"
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    Literally just me
  4. The Balladeer, "Assassins"
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    This is actually my dream role, and like I know I'd kill it?
  5. Enjolras, "Les Miserables"
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    For the swag
  6. Bobby Strong, "Urinetown"
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    I just wanna sing "Run, Freedom, Run!"
  7. Princeton, "Avenue Q"
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    He's a puppet, there's no reason I can't do this
  8. The Emcee, "Cabaret"
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    Description: "a leering, ghoulish, flamboyant figure"
  9. Moritz Stiefel, "Spring Awakening"
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    Would kill for this
  10. Elder Price, "The Book of Mormon"
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    Like I know I'd more likely be sloppy af Josh Gad but this is what my heart wants
  11. Crutchie, "Newsies"
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    "I don't need a limp to sell papes, I've got personality!"
  12. Daddy Warbucks, "Annie"
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    Just so I can go "bu-bu-bu Anything but you!"