I have never been before!! I love to explore and eat. Love museums and art and theater and culture~ help me find the best stuff to do!!! What are your tips?? I am staying in Kensington. If you couldn't tell by my activity on this app, I am a planner!! So I'm trying to plan my schedule this weekend. Can't wait to hear your recs!
  1. WOULD LOVE SPECIFICALLY: suggestions of a good hole in the wall curry places, stonehenge~ is it worth it?, any good West End plays people know of specifically? Would love to see something not available in the US.
    I'll be there Dec 26-30, I know things may be closed for Boxing Day so any good tips of what to do that day? Or any holiday specific suggestions? Btw you guys are seriously rocking at this
  2. Harry Potter Studio Tour
    If you like HP, this is amazing. Also, Butterbeer is delicious.
    Suggested by @kaitmaree
  3. Borough Market!!
    I ate the best almond croissant of my life there and it's a must.
    Suggested by @aniko
  4. Harrods!
    Cliché and touristy but good if you've got an hour or two to kill. Definitely explore the food level; deli, cheese (so much cheese!), and weird British stuff you can't get in the states.
    Suggested by @sarahc
  5. Suggested by @wikiHow
  6. Hop on/hop off bus tour
    Get on one of these! It's pretty cheap and hits all of London's major sites. Depending on how much time you have, you can do this the first day and get an idea what you want to visit more in detail. Some of my favourites were the Tower of London and St Paul's.
    Suggested by @kaitmaree
  7. Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus
    Great shopping
    Suggested by @aniko
  8. Go see a show in the West End
    Cheapest thing in London and the shows are Broadway-quality
    Suggested by @aniko
  9. Imperial War Museum was my favorite when I lived there
    Suggested by @xtineengels
  10. Portobello Road
    Suggested by @xtineengels
  11. If you like Indian food, London has the best outside of India
    Suggested by @aniko
  12. Eat a sunday roast at a pub. So many good ones. Im partial to the ones in west london.
    Suggested by @stars
  13. Since you're staying in Kensington, you can easily do a walking tour. Start early in the park before things open and it's just the early morning joggers, walk down toward the museums and get there before the line.
    Walk the city. You'll see so many things you'd otherwise miss. The first time I went to London, I was alone. I created a three day walking tour for myself (mapped it all out beforehand and walked from place to place). Stop at all the highlights along the way, and don't miss the gems in between. --- also climb to the top of the dome in St. Paul's
    Suggested by @annalara
  14. The Victoria & Albert Museum
    This is one of my favorite places on Planet Earth. So much amazing historical design on display, ESPECIALLY the jewelry room. I would like to live there. And it's free!
    Suggested by @courtjeweller
  15. The British Library is cool! Also Platform 9 3/4 is an easy stop if you're planning on taking any trains. I really liked Covent Garden and wandering around east London.
    Suggested by @mjdaly
  16. SO many museums! But Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Museum are musts.
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  17. Check out the christmas stuff at Fortnum and Mason. So good!!
    Suggested by @stars
  18. Tate Modern museum is in my top five favourite places in the world. National Portait Gallery, the V&A and Tate Britain are also worth visits
    Suggested by @stars
  19. Big Ben and Westminster at night. The best view is from across the Thames, at the foot of the Westminster Bridge on the South Bank.
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  20. Camden, shoreditch (bit hipster but still Nice things), tea time at liberty (there's other more expensive so depending on your budget, the liberty's scone was the best I never had plus it's in front of top shop so perfect way to end a shopping day 😉) also HARRY POTTER STUDIOS. I know it has already been suggested but seriously, don't be a muggle.
    Suggested by @Lisa_Fav
  21. Venture out to east london - Brick Lane weekend market. The Breakfast Club for brunch. So much amazing and famous streetart!!
    Suggested by @stars
  22. The free walking tour (Sandeman's) gave me a ton of ideas to start with. And eat some Bens Cookies!!
    Suggested by @e
  23. Kensington roof gardens (has flamingos)
    Suggested by @jessicaevekennedy
  24. ALSO go to the bar at the top of the National Portrait Gallery. The view is amazing - you'll need a res, it's small. For hipster tea, go to Sketch. (It's glorious and weird and has a Michelin star.) Of course, the HP tour too. HAVE FUN SO JEALOUS - J
    Suggested by @fuggirls
  25. The V&A for sure, take the Buckingham Palace Tour if it's open (it should be; I took it in January and Her Maj should be at Sandringham). It's AWESOME and there is champagne. Honestly, for your first trip, do the touristy stuff. Definitely Harrods - the food hall is glorious and they have the tackiest most amazing escalator....
    Suggested by @fuggirls
  26. The V&A for sure and walk around Hyde Park it's perfect! If you can tour the Royal Albert Hall that was super interesting too. And Camden Market has the most interesting shopping that isn't the same twice! London is my favorite city in the world; I lived in South Kensington when I was there. Have fun!!!
    Suggested by @lana1
  27. Go to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral for some awesome views. Walk through Regents Park. Go to the ice bar for drinks. Eat at St. George's Tavern.
    Suggested by @kina
  28. A fancy afternoon tea is always fun. I would suggest the Cadogan Hotel but I'm not sure if it's reopened yet. And eating at Rules: oldest restaurant in London is great. Have fun!!
    Suggested by @sarahjlang
  29. The British Film Institute
    I straight-up cried the first time I went there.
    Suggested by @angusisley
  30. Brick Lane Sunday UpMarket
    I see some people have mentioned brick lane but I assure you it's a MUST on Sunday's. The upmarket in this big warehouse is full of the best most delicious street food of your life- look out for the pad Thai omelets, plus there are tons of shopping vendors and a vintage market, in addition to all the normal awesomeness that is brick lane (street art, Indian restaurants, vintage shops, boutiques, authentic Jewish bagels, cheap jewelry, general hipster stuff)
    Suggested by @devinbarbaro
  31. Liberty Department Store - the oldest and most beautiful store in London. The stationery felt gives me feels. ALWAYS The V&A - there's a exhibition dedicated to Shoes on at the moment. Sketch is crazy for food (and completely instagrammable, especially the toilets). Books = Waterstones Piccadilly & Foyles & Daunt (travel books)
    Suggested by @charlottexoxo
  32. Stanford's map store
    It's the biggest map store in the world, I think, and has awesome travel literature, souvenirs, maps and guides, and a coffee shop.
    Suggested by @andalsothomas
  33. Personally I don't think Stonehenge is worth it for the time it it takes to get there from London - in London, the gallery at Somerset House is very nice, and if you want to go somewhere outside London, Cambridge is very pretty, or you could go to like a fancy National Trust country house.
    Suggested by @alicemh
    They have puns, 80's music, eggs-cellent breakfast food, pineapple lamps, and JJ DINER'S LEVEL OF BREAKFAST FOOD.
    Suggested by @ellewoods
  35. For plays you could one of the new Roald Dahl adaptations! Charlie and the chocolate factory or matilda. Pretty sure they dont have those in the West End.
    Suggested by @selinasfeir
  36. Canary Wharf
    Really cool to walk around and see the boats/maritime stuff (but I'm also an underwater nerd so maybe don't go)
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  37. Columbia Road Flower a Market
    Go early on a Sunday morning. Nearest overground stop is Hoxton.
    Suggested by @lenny5