1. I miss the old Sarelles
  2. Straight from Mass. cold Sarelles
  3. Sip apple juice Sarelles
  4. Watching Blue's Clues Sarelles
  5. I hate the new Sarelles
  6. The bad mood Sarelles
  7. The always rude Sarelles
  8. The trashes dudes Sarelles
  9. I miss the sweet Sarelles
  10. The didn't Tweet Sarelles
  11. I gotta say at that time I'd like to meet Sarelles
  12. See I invented Sarelles
  13. It wasn't any Sarelles
  14. And now I look and look around and there's so many Sarelles
  15. I used to love Sarelles
  16. I used to love Sarelles
  17. I even had the pink hair bow
  18. I thought I was Sarelles
  19. What if Sarelles made a list about Sarelles?
  20. Called "I Miss The Old Sarelles"
  21. Man that'd be so Sarelles
  22. That's all it was, Sarelles
  23. We still love Sarelles
  24. And I love you like Sarelles loves Kanye