Back in my college days I interned in the Art Department at (before it was a plotline on Glee!), here are some of the highlights of my experience:
  1. I held the door open for Anna Wintour
    I was wearing really ugly pants and still am horrified that she saw my look. She said "Thank you" and I said "You're welcome." Her hair was so perfect, it looked like a wig, but it was clearly very real and just perfect.
  2. Other celebrity sightings:
    Anna and Grace Coddington were always in their offices, which were completely open so you could see them as you walked by. They both were very present and worked very hard. I never saw ALT unfortunately. Saw Darren Criss in the cafeteria and shared an elevator with the girl who starred in "My Boys."
  3. The cafeteria was sick
    It was so beautiful and designed by Frank Gehry, but they moved to One World Trade so I don't know what it's like anymore. They had top notch sushi though.
  4. Everyone was really nice and really casual
    Of course they were stylish but at least in the department, people were relaxed and I didn't feel out of place as a student without designer clothes. Also everyone was so nice and receptive to everything you had to say as an intern. I'm not bullshitting, I was treated like one of the team and never expected to fetch coffee, etc.
  5. There really are racks of clothes EVERYWHERE
    This was so heavenly and there would always be something new just sitting by your desk cluster with some celebrity's name on it
  6. "The book" is very real
    I saw it with my eyes, covered in Post-It's.
  7. They gave me goodies when I left
    I got a bag of makeup and accessories from the Vogue closet~ basically all the beauty things they had shot and then never used again. They knew I liked lipstick so they gave me a lot of it. The best thing ever honestly
  8. It was honestly awesome and very unscary
    No joke it ruled. There are other secrets I will take to the grave just so I can be special but it was all positive and fascinating. I feel like writing this it sounds like I'm brown nosing but if I had some nasty story to tell TRUST ME I would tell it. Everyone was sincerely lovely. Sorry if that disappoints people.
  9. Oh but also it didn't pay much, just a meal stipend and school credit, that was the downside
    But they've reformed their intern compensation policies since I believe!