1. "You made the same mistake Mickey Rourke made on that catamaran. You didn't kill me when you had the chance."
    Jenna, Mickey, and a catamaran just feels so right
  2. "You know what they say, if you can't stand the heat get off of Mickey Rourke's sex grill."
  3. "Your new vibe is a double edged sword, much like the kind Mickey Rourke tried to kill me with."
    Really like how she slipped this into casual convo, very backdoor bragging move
  4. "Next, you'll tell me Mickey Rourke catapulted YOU onto the Hollywood sign."
    I too hate when something is MY thing and someone else steals it
  5. "I'm going to reinvent you. Break you down completely and build you up from scratch. Just like Mickey Rourke did to me sexually."
    We all have had that guy in our lives, right?!!?
  6. "The only show I've ever been on that got a 10.2 was when Mickey Rourke throw me on the field during the Super Bowl."
    Too sporty
  7. "Don't test it, especially this early in a relationship. It's like when Mickey Rourke tested his catapult on me."
    Omg Jenna we've heard this story before
  8. "Mickey Rourke wants to take me camping!"
    Camping isn't fun guys