Hottest MC on the scene
  1. J-U apostrophe X
  2. I'm a wordsmith, a scholar, and I'm good at sex
  3. My name is Ju'X, yeah you know me
  4. I'm as smooth as a tiger, that's a simile
  5. Growing up they said "no you can't!"
  6. But my rhymes are fresh and they never slant
  7. I know how to spell and I love me a comma
  8. I bring the Scrabble, not the drama
  9. I spit it fast, don't make a thug wait
  10. And I never met a verb I couldn't conjugate
  11. I'm the world's greatest, they're buying what I sell, see?
  12. And I'm so into grammar you can call me Kelsey
  13. I'm out