a few things that are just very hufflepuff
  1. Bernie Sanders
  2. John Green & his universe
  3. Travel Size Hand Lotion
    That you always carry around in your bag and offer your friends every time you use it
  4. Canada
    A nation of hufflepuffs
  5. Animals' Instagram accounts
  6. Saying "sorry" after someone else bumps into you
  7. Buffets
  8. Jimmy Buffett
  9. Phoebe Buffay
  10. Zooey Deschanel naming her baby Elsie Otter
    fyi i am very into this name but it is undeniably hpuff!!
  11. Burning Man
  12. Members of Maroon 5 that aren't Adam Levine
  13. Those faux vintage wooden signs people hang in their houses with inspirational and/or humorous quotes
  14. "Chicken Soup for the Soul"
  15. Wine Charms
    Especially if you give them to your friends as gifts when you go to parties at their house
  16. Trader Joe's
    for some reason this place is just very Hpuff, it's so unassuming
  17. Olympic Opening Ceremonies
  18. Subarus
  19. Polar Fleece
  20. Upworthy.com
  21. Liberal Arts colleges
  22. Jesus
    Does not apply to all of Christianity or people who are into Jesus, just Jesus the guy specifically, as a person
  23. Chickpeas
  24. Sleepaway camp
  25. Being super into horses as a kid
  26. Precious Moments figurines
  27. Guinea Pigs
  28. Having a white and silver iPhone
  29. Apple Picking
  30. Etsy
  31. Ellen Degeneres
  32. Michael Cera
    Suggested by @playcait
  33. Clogs
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  34. A pot of hot chocolate on a tray w mugs, marshmallows, whipped cream. A pot, not a singular mug.
    Suggested by @AileenRR
  35. Toby Flenderson
    Suggested by @emilyannlosey
  36. Sweater sets
    Suggested by @mayasf
  37. Being into Elizabeth Taylor as a tween
    Suggested by @shanaz
  38. Chuckie from Rugrats
    Suggested by @taner_banana
  39. Board games with smiling families on the box
    Suggested by @seanpersaud
  40. Individual tea and coffee pots
    Suggested by @jenkins
  41. Flossing
    Suggested by @paigeclaudette
  42. This emoji 😊
    Suggested by @paigeparker
  43. Hugging people you just met
  44. Manatees
    Suggested by @paigeparker
  45. Knitting
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  46. Moccasins
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  47. Cookie cake
    Suggested by @kaylee
  48. St. Anthony
    Patron saint of lost articles
    Suggested by @AileenRR
  49. Reusing Ziploc bags
    Suggested by @frangia
  50. The Peace Corps
  51. Habitat for Humanity
  52. "Take a Penny, Leave a Penny" trays
  53. Wool socks
    Suggested by @brittsays
  54. Wes Anderson movies
    Suggested by @jenilee
  55. Sporks
    Suggested by @ilana
  56. Intramural kickball teams
    Suggested by @ilana
  57. The dairy-free flavor option at Pinkberry
    Suggested by @ilana
  58. Otterboxes
    Suggested by @ilana
  59. Spin class
    Suggested by @ilana
  60. Felicity Porter
    Suggested by @playcait
  61. People who call Wednesday "hump day"
    Suggested by @emhoov
  62. Being genuinely too scared to watch a scary movie
    Suggested by @pbsamuels
  63. Girl Scout cookies
    Suggested by @pbsamuels
  64. Not rolling down bag inside cereal box
    A Ravenclaw's worst nightmare
    Suggested by @pbsamuels
  65. Wool socks
    Suggested by @clairegee
  66. Maintaining a permanent chocolate stash
    Suggested by @bmoscow129
  67. Parks and Rec
    Suggested by @eacooper
  68. Want to love and include everyone
    Suggested by @janessa24
  69. Fuzzy socks
    Suggested by @janessa24
  70. Spring
    Suggested by @Hannah_
  71. Winning at hide and seek
    We're particularly good finders
    Suggested by @liamduncandonuts
  72. Wrapping paper. Really nice wrapping paper.
    Suggested by @victoriaedel
  73. Hygge
    Suggested by @julieann718