s/o to my MA homies, even though i now live in the midwest (😒) i am ride or die 4 life
  1. Whale watches
  2. Dead people's houses as tourist destinations
  3. Stickers on your car that say what college you or your children went to
  4. Casual racism
  5. Blatant racism
  6. Having a strong opinion about Martha's Vineyard vs. Nantucket vs. The Cape
  7. Having strong opinions on Lobster Rolls and Clam Chowder
    The proper preparations and best places to get them
  8. Having strong opinions on the other states in New England
    New Hampshire sucks and is only good for skiing
  9. Having strong opinions about your neighboring towns
    All other towns near yours suck
  10. Having strong opinions in general
  11. Sweeping things under the rug
  12. Ignoring your feelings
  13. Having a picture of JFK hanging in your house
  14. Being very into the fact that you're Irish
    Maybe you even have dual citizenship
  15. Punching people in the face
  16. Historical societies
  17. Rotaries
  18. Driving in the breakdown lane on the highway during rush hour
    Legally this is allowed
  19. Rioting after big sporting events
    Whether your team wins or loses
  20. Not baked beans
    Honestly like Boston baked beans really aren't a thing
  21. Aggressively loving Dunkin Donuts
    Suggested by @lyssa580
  22. Knowing a lot of Portuguese words because of your neighbors
    Suggested by @samanthastone
  23. Realizing what the letter "r" actually sounds like when you leave the state
    Suggested by @samanthastone
  24. Dressing head to toe in Boston sports team paraphernalia
    Suggested by @lyssa580
  25. Friendly's
    Happy ending sundaes. Fribbles. Wattamelon rolls. 75% of teens first jobs.
    Suggested by @abbinka
  26. Towns that non-Mass people struggle to pronounce
    Woburn, Worcester, Gloucester to name a few
    Suggested by @katemaryj
  27. Home state of a mind bogglingly high number of comedic actors and performers.
    Suggested by @abbinka
  28. Using "wicked" or "mad" in place of "super" or "incredibly"
    Suggested by @lorneeeeee
  29. When you tell non-Mass people that you're from Mass, they say "Oh so you pahk ya cah in Harvahd Yahd, do you?" 😒
    Suggested by @katemaryj
  30. Proudly wearing the term "Masshole" like a Cam Neely jersey
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  31. Call the aquarium!
    Suggested by @katemaryj
  32. 95 is 128, and 90 is "the pike"
    Suggested by @Salomon
  33. duck tours
    Suggested by @kelanza
  34. Explaining where your city is geographically by describing how many minutes "outside" of Boston you are
    Suggested by @kelanza
  35. Bonus points for having a dinner plate of jfk and jackie on the wall ledge.
    Suggested by @kbilly2516
  36. The Voyage of the Mimi
    Part of every young massholes education. Teeny tiny Ben Afflecks included.
    Suggested by @maribot
  37. The second the light turns green, the 4th car back starts aggressively honking
    Suggested by @gardencottage
  38. Going on amazingly historic field trips
    Other students could only read about these places, but we frequently found ourselves in the Lowell mills and on the Freedom Trail in Boston (although who thought it was an exciting idea to bring 5th graders to various cemeteries?)
    Suggested by @mcdouble
  39. Putting a chair in the spot where you dug your car out of the snow on the street. And then guarding it fiercely.
    Suggested by @mollyebnorton
  40. Having so many good colleges in state
    But most people just ended up at UMass. Or maybe that's just me.
    Suggested by @mcdouble
  41. BRIGHAM'S (drops mic)
    Suggested by @JessicaBalboni
  42. Passionate about the Pats and Brady and Belichick even though you know nothing about football
    Suggested by @cma
  43. Being horrendously aggressive drivers on roads that make no sense.
    Only lived there 3 months but public transit was seriously the way to go to not have to deal with the insanity. And I've lived with SF and Southern California traffic.
    Suggested by @supercommonname
  44. yankees suck
    Suggested by @xtineengels
  45. Sam Adams 🍺
    Suggested by @saracasserly
  46. Fluff! Invented in Somerville!
    Suggested by @saracasserly
  47. Liquor stores are called packies 🍻
    Suggested by @saracasserly
  48. Matt Damon, Ben affleck, @bjnovak, John krasinski, @mindy, mark wahlberg, Chris Evans, Ellen Pompeo, Conan o'brian, Steven tyler, Steve Carell, jay Leno
    Suggested by @saracasserly
  49. Every Irish persons second cousin's uncle worked for Whitey Bulger
    Suggested by @bkfergus
  50. Giving directions based on Dunkin Donuts "take a left at the second Dunkin and pass three more before turning right"
    Suggested by @mrmorris01040
  51. Northampton, one of the best small cities in the country.
    Suggested by @elizabeef
  52. Fenway!
    Suggested by @nbwilli
  53. Your furniture store's have an IMAX
    Suggested by @listDad