just a few things that are very ravenclaw. Ty again @ilana !!!!!! 💕
  1. Libraries, duh
  2. John Adams
  3. Fellini films
  4. Calling movies "films"
  5. Demetri Martin
  6. Being into dinosaurs as a kid
  7. Cats
  8. Settlers of Catan
  9. "Blade Runner"
  10. Joanna Newsom
  11. Fred Armisen
  12. Poetry slams
  13. Day planners
  14. Grad school
    Going to grad school, applying to grad school, thinking about grad school, talking about grad school in any way
  15. Hackathons
  16. "Doctor Who"
  17. Candles
  18. Android phones
  19. Extra credit assignments
  20. Rubik's cubes
  21. Reading the newspaper
  22. Overly pronouncing words from languages of which they are not native speakers
  23. Shakespearean comedies
  24. Letters to the editor
  25. Tavi Gevinson
  26. Succulents
  27. Ginger Ale
  28. Being very against Kindles
  29. Glasses on chains
  30. Vitamins
  31. "The New Yorker"
  32. Having lots of containers to hold different items
    Sometimes these containers look like quirky or unexpected things~ like a toothbrush holder shaped like a real tooth
  33. Peacoats
  34. Correcting people's grammar
  35. Wishing A&E would go back to the network it used to be
  36. "Monk"
  37. Voluntarily attending lectures and conferences
  38. Public Radio
    But pretty judgemental about most podcasts
  39. Crossword puzzles
  40. Scopes
    Telescopes, microscopes, horoscopes, Periscope, scoping out the scene
  41. Being very into their Myers Briggs personality
  42. Rory Gilmore
    Suggested by   @emilyannlosey
  43. Sudoku
    Suggested by   @tawny
  44. Voice memos
    Suggested by   @tawny
  45. Reading museum plaques
    I must know all the details of the oil based painting on canvas, circa 1982.
    Suggested by   @michellehoehne
  46. Bo Burnham
    Suggested by   @michellehoehne
  47. Documentaries
    Bonus: Documentary Now on IFC
    Suggested by   @paigeclaudette
  48. September
    Suggested by   @AileenRR
  49. Ken Burns
    Suggested by   @AileenRR
  50. Margot Tenenbaum
    Suggested by   @playcait
  51. Moleskin notebooks
    Suggested by   @michellehoehne
  52. Woody Allen films
    Suggested by   @michal
  53. Everyone on The West Wing
    Suggested by   @amieshmamie
  54. TED talks
    Suggested by   @kimboslce
  55. Indie music
    Suggested by   @emhoov
  56. Auditioning for Jeopardy!
    Suggested by   @ess
  57. 😒 This emoji (cynicism)
    Suggested by   @talleycook
  58. Criterion Collection
    Suggested by   @pbsamuels
  59. Being the person your friends ask "how do you spell ______?"
    ur always rite ;)
    Suggested by   @pbsamuels
  60. Haruki Murakami
    Suggested by   @jenilee
  61. Jonathan Franzen
    Suggested by   @jenilee
  62. random information
    it'll never be of any use, but it's interesting
    Suggested by   @ryancp
  63. correcting others' grammar
    Suggested by   @ryancp
  64. Autumn
    Suggested by   @Hannah_
  65. Foxes
    They're damn smart
    Suggested by   @janessa24
  66. Latin
    Suggested by   @janessa24
  67. Post it's
    Suggested by   @janessa24