I honestly know very little about this but like, they did everything
  1. Moon landing faked
    That was JFK, he was dead but still
  2. The Bay of Pigs
    Was that even real? Or was it just so Americans were like okay this Cold War is legit? Who can say, but I feel like JFK and Castro were lowkey bros
  3. They were deep in mob money because of Frank Sinatra
    Something like that
  4. JFK and RFK assassinations were mob hits
    Lee Harvey Oswald def didn't do it that's for sure
  5. Chappaquiddick, that was a cover up
    Like Ted Kennedy literally got away with murder what CAN'T they do
  6. They had their nephew date Taylor Swift just for the new album
    Loving him was RED
  7. My friend's friend used to work at NBC and said she heard they have all this info revealing all these things about the Kennedys but are like waiting until one of them dies to release it
    So that's probably true if an intern heard it to be so
  8. JFK was having sex with everyone obviously
  9. Those are my theories, they are very vague but I feel strongly about them