I paid $1.99 so you don't have to
  1. HIGHLIGHTS: The many asses of Kim Kardashian
    These are the emojis we all wanted~ nay, needed from the app, and they do not disappoint
  2. Classic ass
    You can adjust skin tone so if you'd like to send a friend a pasty white ass, you very well can do so
  3. Ass selfie
  4. Holiday ass selfie
  5. Break the Internet ass
  6. LOWLIGHTS: Many odd instances of mild cultural appropriation?
    I'm not an expert of cultural appropriation, but when I think something might be cultural appropriation as a privileged middle class white girl, I feel like it most likely is?
  7. Kim in cornrows
  8. Doorknocker earrings
    Are these cultural appropriation when a white person wears them? I was very into them in high school, I apologize for that.
  9. Grillz
  10. Gang signs
  11. Yin yang
  12. This
  13. This?
    Also included a cross and bible? I guess she's equal opportunity but also does religious iconography belong here? Let's ask ourselves.
  14. Also here's Jesus just cuz
  15. No one invited you here
  16. HIGHLIGHTS: The thirst is so real
    Thirstiest emojis ever, not even subtle
  17. Thirst
  18. Thirst
  19. Thirst
  20. Thirst
  21. Thirst
  22. Thirst
  23. Ultimate thirst
  24. A peach with cream on it
  25. Jugs
  26. Pickle
    She really went all out in the food dept.
  27. LOWLIGHT: A dead fish in a taco?
    Nobody needs this, let vaginas live their lives
  28. HIGHLIGHT: Fuck boy
    My life really needed this
  29. LOWLIGHT: Monarch butterfly?
    How does this relate to Kim's brand?
  30. HIGHLIGHT: Taking a selfie
  31. LOWLIGHT: Waist trainer
    Don't do it
  32. HIGHLIGHT: Equality
  33. LOWLIGHT: Police officer
    Just when I thought this was a safe space
  34. HIGHLIGHT: This coat
    I want it
  35. LOWLIGHT: Kim graduating?
    What is she graduating from? Her piano lessons?
  36. HIGHLIGHT: Bagel
  37. LOWLIGHT: Kim doing a hand stand
    I don't buy it
  38. HIGHLIGHT: These nails
  39. LOWLIGHT: Three more women doing a handstand
    What's the use for this? Appreciate the diversity in the group tho
  40. HIGHLIGHT: Trash bags
  41. LOWLIGHT: The Vulcan salute?
    Or it's just supposed to mean vagina
  42. HIGHLIGHT: Bottle service
  43. LOWLIGHT: Green juice
  44. HIGHLIGHTS: Eyebrows !!
  45. And tweezers!!!
  46. LOWLIGHT: Bloodshot eyes
    Hopefully not from too much plucking
  47. HIGHLIGHT: iPhone
  48. LOWLIGHT: Blackberry
  49. HIGHLIGHT: A skunk
  50. LOWLIGHT: This shoe
  51. HIGHLIGHT: Making it rain
  52. LOWLIGHT: This random ass box
  53. HIGHLIGHT: This car
  54. LOWLIGHT: This van
  55. HIGHLIGHT: Kim as a mermaid
  56. LOWLIGHT: Purple drank?
  57. ULTIMATE HIGHLIGHT: Kim's crying face
  58. ULTIMATE LOWLIGHT: Kim's body wrapped in Christmas lights
    Just kidding this is a highlight!!!!
  59. CONTOUR:
  60. Fin
    Overall they are def worth it and ultimately, a gift. God bless us, every one.