I paid $1.99 so you don't have to
  1. HIGHLIGHTS: The many asses of Kim Kardashian
    These are the emojis we all wanted~ nay, needed from the app, and they do not disappoint
  2. Classic ass
    Cc96a80b ec7e 4d79 b176 5bbd44cfd4f1
    You can adjust skin tone so if you'd like to send a friend a pasty white ass, you very well can do so
  3. Ass selfie
    5869a764 5748 4b81 8ee9 a25b5b5439fa
  4. Holiday ass selfie
    36585e8f dbea 4a44 adbf fd9dc01cd5af
  5. Break the Internet ass
    783d33c8 9795 43e7 b5f9 d0dc0de51357
  6. LOWLIGHTS: Many odd instances of mild cultural appropriation?
    I'm not an expert of cultural appropriation, but when I think something might be cultural appropriation as a privileged middle class white girl, I feel like it most likely is?
  7. Kim in cornrows
    18e25b55 f0a3 4dd2 83ed d1b4dabbceb2
  8. Doorknocker earrings
    3774ee73 b303 4b3a 9271 18e106d65775
    Are these cultural appropriation when a white person wears them? I was very into them in high school, I apologize for that.
  9. Grillz
    8a778bf2 76e1 4edf 8f72 b1c9a50419c1
  10. Gang signs
    694a3550 09ae 46c3 a40f 887e75b56a43
  11. Yin yang
    85a4de5a 8d5c 4228 91d2 e27046c01197
  12. This
    B34de921 2f4f 4a83 9c39 47a073863488
  13. This?
    0be57332 aece 4016 b0ff e927801e2363
    Also included a cross and bible? I guess she's equal opportunity but also does religious iconography belong here? Let's ask ourselves.
  14. Also here's Jesus just cuz
    543f9e95 9a38 4265 82cd 7ccedaf588ef
  15. No one invited you here
    0eb5062a 6262 48ee a5fe 5e62d83e13a9
  16. HIGHLIGHTS: The thirst is so real
    Thirstiest emojis ever, not even subtle
  17. Thirst
    Bfa7011b e26c 46ef 8177 c3e829dd78a1
  18. Thirst
    65b694a4 26f4 4571 92fd b6a77c943c37
  19. Thirst
    17724a9b 3962 4089 8240 88ca5a73e39b
  20. Thirst
    407673c1 757b 4ad0 9ef3 80b9c2ee82d8
  21. Thirst
    1a33140c c341 4d71 a6a0 ec488adfa9fb
  22. Thirst
    C6820ccc 51be 41dc 88ce 8b926567cae8
  23. Ultimate thirst
    3d1ea109 08a2 455c a524 92637e59104b
  24. A peach with cream on it
    De6dd162 930d 4f08 9b88 dc1b83599481
  25. Jugs
    A731d2a6 5a01 486d 8f95 da2fd449e316
  26. Pickle
    Bfff0f04 8d79 48d8 9379 342396df9735
    She really went all out in the food dept.
  27. LOWLIGHT: A dead fish in a taco?
    110aab80 8d58 44d5 8d72 709d0f2612c9
    Nobody needs this, let vaginas live their lives
  28. HIGHLIGHT: Fuck boy
    80b18545 0247 4143 97d4 b0af5d482d23
    My life really needed this
  29. LOWLIGHT: Monarch butterfly?
    55198455 bce7 43e6 8eb5 89e89c6d84cc
    How does this relate to Kim's brand?
  30. HIGHLIGHT: Taking a selfie
    3c11c3ca a60b 4a6e 90cd 4b7cd1519be1
  31. LOWLIGHT: Waist trainer
    9bcc944c 6b6f 4034 91c4 7a831b61e3a2
    Don't do it
  32. HIGHLIGHT: Equality
    5a648191 3a04 40ac 9dcd b51bb300c48b
  33. LOWLIGHT: Police officer
    4f9f73b9 2e94 4bcb a55b 581c8d1bcf17
    Just when I thought this was a safe space
  34. HIGHLIGHT: This coat
    2c28f800 528e 48f3 b413 26c99faf4412
    I want it
  35. LOWLIGHT: Kim graduating?
    4bb9e37d b4f7 4651 9948 4fd82c8e4a07
    What is she graduating from? Her piano lessons?
  36. HIGHLIGHT: Bagel
    42172478 4e0e 4ed2 b01e 4c8465aed89d
  37. LOWLIGHT: Kim doing a hand stand
    E9e096b5 3a21 4f31 8c7d 91d068bde15e
    I don't buy it
  38. HIGHLIGHT: These nails
    68f5320c 04c3 4a36 98a3 7ac6655917e9
  39. LOWLIGHT: Three more women doing a handstand
    268e202c 2340 43a2 ba1d 9e319eb6a8d5
    What's the use for this? Appreciate the diversity in the group tho
  40. HIGHLIGHT: Trash bags
    B62f8367 ca35 453d b994 bf78359562ea
  41. LOWLIGHT: The Vulcan salute?
    820ce1f4 b680 4d91 8c97 dba73c5846b8
    Or it's just supposed to mean vagina
  42. HIGHLIGHT: Bottle service
    C3ff5227 9535 4406 93f1 e9c7353b3951
  43. LOWLIGHT: Green juice
    Bdfae320 c32e 4b8c b5bf 70e16e32c848
  44. HIGHLIGHTS: Eyebrows !!
    C8a4fa72 b0bb 45ad b32e 8d613b23a328
  45. And tweezers!!!
    D43fe459 6c14 43c6 b602 9c4150ce377c
  46. LOWLIGHT: Bloodshot eyes
    3dd7a27d 79ca 401f 8cf8 74aa1898e603
    Hopefully not from too much plucking
  47. HIGHLIGHT: iPhone
    Ed987a4f b1c9 4f4f aa5b c2401b5d97d4
  48. LOWLIGHT: Blackberry
    A006e41a 23fa 45bd 99b4 88250b1ac35c
  49. HIGHLIGHT: A skunk
    D05cf8cd c20a 4932 910b 88624dde8318
  50. LOWLIGHT: This shoe
    Dea77ae0 f727 493c 9fd8 402c77d97a38
  51. HIGHLIGHT: Making it rain
    Ddbb64a5 4380 4330 a97b 7c255ea9e330
  52. LOWLIGHT: This random ass box
    663e1d6f f4bb 4e6d 9bf8 42e5c2e94a22
  53. HIGHLIGHT: This car
    9a2259ed 206d 4340 a8f9 1f36d5f611e7
  54. LOWLIGHT: This van
    314fd068 916c 40f7 9ae2 b1881090f527
  55. HIGHLIGHT: Kim as a mermaid
    1a0703fd 2e3f 4d56 8e20 d3c7c12d73f0
  56. LOWLIGHT: Purple drank?
    8413f7e4 1e01 4a35 ab24 f1f0919ac995
  57. ULTIMATE HIGHLIGHT: Kim's crying face
    402c237f 9132 4f32 baf6 d975318eada9
  58. ULTIMATE LOWLIGHT: Kim's body wrapped in Christmas lights
    925bc6ab 4d24 43cf aab0 225205aba7d1
    Just kidding this is a highlight!!!!
  59. CONTOUR:
    0c2ac549 08d5 41f2 b875 12827890dc68
  60. Fin
    Fd1657f5 d74a 4429 984e fff2206ae091
    Overall they are def worth it and ultimately, a gift. God bless us, every one.