All of these are real cases of celebrities that have been PROVEN by the Internet to be Illuminati. I did not make up any of these (really!)
  1. Jay-Z
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    Incorporated a Goat Skull and Freemason imagery in his "On to the Next One" video. His hand signal is a classic Illuminati triangle.
  2. Beyoncé
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    "XO" is basically a love letter to the demon Baphomet, who runs the Illuminati. Wake up people
  3. Adele
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    "Hello from the outside" ...she's an outsider bc she's Illuminati DUH
  4. Amanda Bynes
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    Her behavior is CLEARLY Illuminati mind control at work
  5. Britney Spears
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    That time she shaved her head? Illuminati
  6. Barack Obama
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    Couldn't produce a birth certificate? Classic illuminati. Did Lucifer have a birth certificate when he was cast down from above? Didn't think so
  7. Emma Watson
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    HeForShe? What does that rhyme with? Illuminati.
  8. Celine Dion
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    Obviously Illuminati
  9. Will Smith
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    Oh man Will Smith was so good when he played Lucifer in "Winter's Tale" ...probably because he had a lot of experience hanging out with him in the Illuminati!!!!
  10. Lady Gaga
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    Self explanatory
  11. Angelina Jolie
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    Experts say her seductiveness could mean she's reptilian. Classic Illuminati
  12. The Cast of "Boy Meets World"
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    Classic case of Illuminati. Y'all know Feeney is pure Illuminati.
  13. Fetty Wap
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    How do you think he lost his eye? He gave it to the Illuminati OBVIOUSLY
  14. Justin Timberlake
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    Every JT video is full of Illuminati symbolism. Mirrors???? Hello!!!! I'm sure that's Illuminati somehow
  15. Kanye West
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    There's a little kid in a devil costume in his "Gold Digger" video. Clearly Illuminati.
  16. Kim Kardashian
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    You really think Kris Jenner is who's responsible for her meteoric rise? Hello it's obviously Baphomet, who's probably dating Kris Jenner rn
  17. J. Lo
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    Dat ass doesn't happen unless you've made a deal with the devil
  18. Lindsay Lohan
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    She is on the outs with the Illuminati and believes they are stalking her, clearly the ONLY explanation why her career hasn't done well. The ONLY possible explanation
  19. Miley Cyrus
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    She has sex with demons, it is known
  20. Nicki Minaj
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    Obviously Illuminati and obviously responsible for Whitney Houston's death... Because reasons
  21. Nicolas Cage
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    There's a picture of an old man who looks exactly like Nicolas Cage out there. Classic Illuminati. National Treasure?? Classic Illuminati propaganda.
  22. The cast of "Pretty Little Liars"
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    Got a secret can you keep it? They're in the Illuminati. Why else do you think ABC Family is changing its name to Freeform? FREE to FORM the Illuminati
  23. Rihanna
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    In her "S&M" video she showed a headline that said "Princess of the Illumianti!" She's not even trying to hide it!!! Look in front of your faces!!!!
  24. Taylor Swift
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    Her squad? More like Illuminati worshippers
  25. Me
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    How do you think I know all this? How do you think I write so many lists? Why is my hair so triangular? Classic. Illuminati.