These ladies are off being the best ever on the low. Who are some others????
  1. Pat McGrath
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    High fashion makeup artist. She basically invented runway makeup. She uses her fingers to do everything. She does like every show at fashion week. A true icon.
  2. Gail Simmons
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    Move over Padma, Gail deserves some shine too. She's a food expert and just a delightful woman. Would trade lives in a heartbeat.
  3. Susie Fogelson
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    Another food expert living her best life. She's an executive at the Food Network and a judge on Food Network Star. She hand picks every celeb chef and has great hair whilst doing it.
  4. Jackee Harry
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    Jackee's Twitter alone deserves all of our constant attention.
  5. Juliet on "Lost"
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    The best character who is vastly unappreciated
  6. Maya Rudolph
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    Honestly why isn't she hosting a late night show??? I'm not sure
  7. Molly Weasley
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