1. "I'm wearing a necklace, it's maybe larger than your average necklace, but not THAT large."
  2. "I'm wearing a gold necklace."
  3. "I'm wearing two necklaces."
  4. "I'm wearing a necklace that I know is ugly as a choice."
  5. "I would love it if people described my style as 'edgy.'"
  6. "Sometimes I keep it loose."
  7. "I'm really connected to the Earth so I'm wearing a necklace with wood beads and a tree."
  8. "I bought these beads at Joann Fabrics."
  9. "Spray painted sand dollars CAN look good."
  10. "I see no problem with 'tribal' inspired fashions."
  11. "I have zero understanding of any culture other than my own."
  12. "He went to Jared."
  13. "Flavor Flav is a style icon for me."
  14. "Grandmother Willow is a style icon for me."
  15. "Wearing a large necklace like this makes me an interesting person, right?"
  16. "I thought I had control of these necklaces but I think the necklaces are starting to control me."
  17. "I want to cry but the necklace is forcing me to smile."
  18. "Please help me, these necklaces are slowly taking over my brain and I don't know how to stop it."
  19. "Sometimes I'll go to sleep without wearing a necklace and I'll wake up with one tightening itself around my neck."
  20. "You know that story where a girl wears a ribbon around her neck and then takes it off and her head falls off? That's me rn."
  21. "I'm dead inside, my body is now just a vessel for these sentient necklaces."