1. "I'm wearing a necklace, it's maybe larger than your average necklace, but not THAT large."
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  2. "I'm wearing a gold necklace."
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  3. "I'm wearing two necklaces."
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  4. "I'm wearing a necklace that I know is ugly as a choice."
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  5. "I would love it if people described my style as 'edgy.'"
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  6. "Sometimes I keep it loose."
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  7. "I'm really connected to the Earth so I'm wearing a necklace with wood beads and a tree."
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  8. "I bought these beads at Joann Fabrics."
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  9. "Spray painted sand dollars CAN look good."
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  10. "I see no problem with 'tribal' inspired fashions."
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  11. "I have zero understanding of any culture other than my own."
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  12. "He went to Jared."
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  13. "Flavor Flav is a style icon for me."
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  14. "Grandmother Willow is a style icon for me."
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  15. "Wearing a large necklace like this makes me an interesting person, right?"
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  16. "I thought I had control of these necklaces but I think the necklaces are starting to control me."
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  17. "I want to cry but the necklace is forcing me to smile."
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  18. "Please help me, these necklaces are slowly taking over my brain and I don't know how to stop it."
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  19. "Sometimes I'll go to sleep without wearing a necklace and I'll wake up with one tightening itself around my neck."
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  20. "You know that story where a girl wears a ribbon around her neck and then takes it off and her head falls off? That's me rn."
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  21. "I'm dead inside, my body is now just a vessel for these sentient necklaces."
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