1. It's cool how her apartment is full of cardboard boxes she's too tired to take to recycling, what a fun quirk!
  2. Omg I love love love how she's always shaking her legs and just can't sit still it's so charming!
  3. Mouth breathing?!! So cute and not like other girls who are always soooo caught up in breathing through their noses
  4. Crippling anxiety?????? Especially the kind that wakes everyone up in middle of the night???????? And also makes it so she can't look waiters in the eye?????? Sign me up!!!!!!!!!
    It's adorable that her Ativan prescription doesn't even work on her
  5. Nails are always dirty. Love it, so nonchalant!!
  6. I'm always just like wishing that the girls I dated were like just generally less aware of their surroundings. Like girl can u break one of my things like once at least??? She ALWAYS breaks my stuff by accident and then cries. It's so great!!!
  7. Speaking of crying!!!! I love how often she does it!!!
    During commercials, in the backs of ubers, in public bathrooms, it's so fun! Like where will she cry next????
  8. She has a lot of facial hair for a girl, I like that.