Mariah Carey OWNS festive. She owns it.
  1. Are you ready?
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  2. Because Mariah Carey is FESTIVE
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  3. Formal festive
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  4. Casual festive
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  5. Old school festive
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  6. Undeniably festive
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  7. Sexy festive
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  8. Sexier festive
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  9. Sexiest festive
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  10. No one is more festive
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  11. Festive on a float
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  12. Festively singing in front of a giant present
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  13. Festive with a dog
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  14. Festive with a reindeer
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  15. Extra festive
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  16. All black festive
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  17. All white festive
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  18. Classic red festive
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  19. Festive with Santa
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  20. Festive with Mickey
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  21. Festive with Snoopy
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  22. Festive uptempos
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  23. Festive hoops
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  24. All these things
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  25. She knows it's over the top but it's how festive she is!
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  26. She's an authority on festive
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  27. In a perfect world, we'd all be Mariah levels of festive
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  28. So, what are you waiting for?
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