Mariah Carey OWNS festive. She owns it.
  1. Are you ready?
  2. Because Mariah Carey is FESTIVE
  3. Formal festive
  4. Casual festive
  5. Old school festive
  6. Undeniably festive
  7. Sexy festive
  8. Sexier festive
  9. Sexiest festive
  10. No one is more festive
  11. Festive on a float
  12. Festively singing in front of a giant present
  13. Festive with a dog
  14. Festive with a reindeer
  15. Extra festive
  16. All black festive
  17. All white festive
  18. Classic red festive
  19. Festive with Santa
  20. Festive with Mickey
  21. Festive with Snoopy
  22. Festive uptempos
  23. Festive hoops
  24. All these things
  25. She knows it's over the top but it's how festive she is!
  26. She's an authority on festive
  27. In a perfect world, we'd all be Mariah levels of festive
  28. So, what are you waiting for?