this is a living list as many dogs have and will speak to me forever
  1. Beau, my childhood dog
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    The best thing since sliced bread. Even dog skeptics like @xtineengels were all about him. Everyone thinks their dog is the best but this is actually true!!! A golden golden. Often cited as the purest relationship I've ever had with a male
  2. Dodger from "Oliver and Company"
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    One of many cartoon animals I had the hots for as a child. Voiced by Billy Joel!
  3. Georgette from "Oliver and Company"
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    How I learned that perfect isn't easy but it's me. Voiced by Bette Midler!
  4. Air Bud
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    This dog also played Comet on "Full House." I still think about him
  5. Hot dogs
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    A great food and also I learned what sex was bc I saw an animation on "Blind Date" of a hot dog going into a donut in 5th grade. Hot dogs have meant a lot to me
  6. When George Bailey says "I wish I had a million dollars! Hot dog!" in "It's A Wonderful Life"
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    The best movie of all time really. Reminds me of holiday treats and warm blankets at my childhood house. George Bailey is a fox
  7. "Reservoir Dogs"
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    The first Tarantino movie I ever saw (when I was like in elementary school bc my parents were ~chill~) Gave me life, gave me Steve Buscemi
  8. The Black Dog
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    The store on Martha's Vineyard. Growing up in Massachusetts, the Black Dog t-shirts taught me about personal brand and status. If you had a Black Dog shirt you were officially ~classy~ Obvi I had one, I hadn't even been to Martha's Vineyard I just made my mom to get it for me
  9. Big Dog
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    I have such vivid memories of this look. Another lesson in personal brand. If you wore a Big Dog shirt you were officially ~a snarky dad~
  10. Snoop Dogg @snoopdogg
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    "Drop It Like It's Hot" was my ringtone for a while!! It let people know that I wasn't a square
  11. Dutchess the Blind Therapy Dog
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    The best dog Instagram in my humble opinion. The happiest dog ever despite her handicaps. ❤️ her
  12. Taco Bell Chihuahua
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    Brought me tacos, brought me joy, and the guy who made these commercials gave me a college scholarship for real!! Have a lot to thank this pup for
  13. Jack the Bulldog
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    The Georgetown mascot. My dad went to Gtown and got me a stuffed version for my bday. I pushed it through the fence onto the White House lawn and a secret service guy had to give it back to me. Then I left it on an airplane and I'm still bummed
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    Used this in eighth grade when I thought I was too cool for everything mainstream, including Google. Introduced to me by a boy who would later get very into Ron Paul which is such consistent branding on his part
  15. The three B's: Benji, Balto, Beethoven
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    Inspiring movie dogs of my childhood. I was very freaked out by the scene where Thora Birch almost drowned in the pool and the Beehtoven saves her. Even more freaked out by Debi Mazar in Beethoven 2!!! Wanted to go to Alaska to see the real stuffed Balto. Was watching Benji when I found out Princess Diana died. Before that I didn't know who she was
  16. Sirius Black
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    Not the coolest as a dog but overall, a top 3 HP character and the death I took the hardest in the books. Bought his wand in HP world
  17. Barkley the dog from "Big Bird Goes to China"
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    Taught me all about how cool China is! Was very psyched and a little scared of him as a child. He was very large and unpredictable!!!
  18. Uggie the dog from "The Artist"
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    Made me think there should be dog Oscars, took his death hard. RIP
  19. Doge
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    One of few memes I've ever been really on board with. I still have a Doge version of the game 2048 on my iPhone, which is probably the most 2013 thing that ever happened