Let's be real, this is actually a ranking of most desirable Michael Fassbenders. Spoiler alert: none of them are very desirable guys
  1. 14.
    "Steve Jobs" Michael Fassbender
    "Fuck no. What is this garbage? Are you fucking kidding me with this? After all I've done people just waste their lives living in tiny houses? Can you really participate in this and sleep at night?? Seriously? NEXT was honestly a good idea!" Oml shut up PLZ bye
  2. 13.
    IRL Michael Fassbender
    IRL Michael Fassbender doesn't watch TV except for the select few episodes of "Top Gear" that his friends are on. He finds "Tiny House Hunters" trivial and confusing. Also he's an alleged domestic abuser? Get outta there!
  3. 12.
    "Jonah Hex" Michael Fassbender
    Hard pass. He's more of a regular "House Hunters" guy.
  4. 11.
    "Jane Eyre" Michael Fassbender
    Hard pass. He's more of a "Sons of Anarchy" guy.
  5. 10.
    "300" Michael Fassbender
    Hard pass. He's more of a "Downton Abbey" guy.
  6. 9.
    "Shame" Michael Fassbender
    Uh this show isn't internet porn so no can do sorry
  7. 8.
    "Macbeth" Michael Fassbender
    Yeah he'd maybe watch in the background but make snide comments about how much bigger his house is. And he's only there for the snacks because he's HUNgRy. And he won't shut up it's like umm this isn't a great time for a soliloquy!!!
  8. 7.
    "Frank" Michael Fassbender
    He'd sit there with you for sure but wouldn't actually watch on account of his head thing. It's still more fun than watching with Macbeth.
  9. 6.
    "12 Years A Slave" Michael Fassbender
    "See! The conditions my slaves live in are way better than these tiny houses!" He'll watch but you'll regret it bc he's a human monster! Get outta there!
  10. 5.
    "Inglorious Basterds" Michael Fassbender
    Similar to "12 Years A Slave" Fassbender, he also likes to compare the living conditions of tiny houses to his many prisoners. Also a human monster, GET OUTTA THERE!!
  11. 4.
    "Haywire" Michael Fassbender
    Yeah but only because he has an elaborate plan to get you just tipsy enough off your SkinnyGirl sangria to then kill you in an elaborate plot. Oops!! Get outta there!!
  12. 3.
    "Fish Tank" Michael Fassbender
    Uh yes he definitely would but only because he's hecka thirsty for you even though he's dating your mom. Yikes get outta there!!!
  13. 2.
    "X-Men" Michael Fassbender
    Heck yes he'll watch this. The tragic families on "Tiny House Hunters" are just the kind of rejects from society he supports wholeheartedly. But now he wants to live in a tiny house and burn down all regular sized houses and you're like RELAX
  14. 1.
    "Prometheus" Michael Fassbender
    Oh my God, does he love this show or what?!?! These humans are fascinating, with their strange desires to live in small houses for no reason. Wow!!! Asks too many questions though