I've watched these people make the same mistakes for years. I can barely make pasta and I know not to do these things. Guys!!!
  1. Improper seasoning
    Seasoned + unseasoned does not equal seasoned!!
  2. Not cutting your components all the same size
    Why do we cut our components the same size? SO THEY COOK EVENLY
  3. Risotto
    Every time someone makes a risotto a part of me dies, it never turns out well!!!
  4. Desserts
    So many chefs' Achilles heels
  5. Using store bought items you could have made from scratch
    It's Top Chef not top frozen waffles!!
  6. Talking back to the judges
    Tom Colicchio doesn't want to hear it!!!
  7. "I've never made this before but I think it's gonna work"
    Famous last words
  8. "Usually this takes X amount of time but I'm gonna try and do it in a way shorter amount of time, hopefully it works"
    Seriously guys, you just can't make short ribs in 25 minutes, YOU CAN'T