1. Trainwreck
    Had already seen this but loved it again on the second watch. But also noticed some weird race jokes that made me uncomfortable? But still enjoyed most of it. Still in love with Bill Hader. Cried twice.
  2. Mistress America
    Liked this! I found most of the characters to be intolerably annoying but that was kind of the point? Sometimes the dialogue was a little too cutesy and contrived for my taste (v true to Noah Baumbach), but overall I was into it.
  3. The End of the Tour
    This was pretty good despite it being probably the whitest movie about white men being white men I've ever seen. Jason Segel was very good and created a very empathetic David Foster Wallace. Jesse Eisenberg's character was pretty much the worst person I've ever seen and I wasn't sure if this was on purpose? Coulda used a lot more Anna Chlumsky and Joan Cusack.
  4. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
    Okay so people had also told me this movie was really good but I couldn't take it. I got about 20 minutes in and everything and everyone was just way too ~QUIRKY~ and I wasn't in the mood. Maybe I'll like it another time. I'm also probably biased, but I feel like this is a movie where a girl with cancer dies in order to teach our male protagonist a lesson, and that's the worst. But maybe it's actually not that. Idk!
  5. Magic Mike XXL
    So the first one really disappointed me because it really took itself seriously and was oddly paced, but people told me that this one was way better and more fun. Well I watched the first 20 minutes and the pacing was still super weird and I just couldn't take it and I was sitting next to a teenage boy and just couldn't do it so I turned it off.
  6. Paper Towns
    Watched the first 20 minutes of this as well and couldn't take it. At all. In any way. I wanted to see Cara Delevingne because I really like her but her character was just a bad person!!!! Like just an asshole?? I kind of hate saying manic pixie dream girl but this was MPDG on acid. And like she wasn't even dreamy just dangerous and rude??? I couldn't take this!!!!! No thank you!!!!