Inspired by @xtineengels because she's always an inspiration
  1. This picture of Rihanna in a shark's mouth
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  2. The Belchers as The Addams Family
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  3. Fiona Apple's "Paper Bag" music video (directed by Paul Thomas Anderson)
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  4. This
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  5. This Barbie Dream Dumpster
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  6. This gold
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  7. This pic of Bill Hader
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  8. This exasperated girl in a bathtub
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  9. Strange Irving Penn photos
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  10. These feathers
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  11. Kirsten Dunst as tired Marie Antoinette in Vogue
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  12. This
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  13. This volcano
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  14. Atonement
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  15. The Olsens, always
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  16. Solange, always
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  17. This jellyfish
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  18. Kate Moss Supreme ads
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  19. The American Southwest
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  20. These Popsicle tattoos
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  21. This picture I took of a beach in Scotland
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  22. Sleeping Jimmy Stewart
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  23. Palm leaf wallpaper
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  24. Elton John
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  25. This
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  26. This design from cups
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  27. Grey Gardens
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  28. This artistic photo of a ring pop
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  29. This Elle Fanning editorial
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  30. Lips
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  31. This picture of Barbara Streisand and Elliot Gould
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  32. This dog
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  33. This
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  34. Romy and Michele
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  35. Space
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  36. The centaur ladies in Fantasia
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  37. The fashion collection I made
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    Oh yeah I'm cool
  38. King George III in Hamilton
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