Slightly inspired by @tothemaxxx, whose list is far more thoughtful and thorough than mine
  2. Love & Mercy (This wins, I loved it!!!!!!)
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  3. Spotlight
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  4. Inside Out
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  5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
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  6. Ex Machina
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  7. The Martian
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  8. Tangerine
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  9. Straight Outta Compton
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  10. Room
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    Haven't seen this but seems deserving
  11. Mad Max: Fury Road
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    I feel like other people liked this a lot more than I did but I feel like it's what I'm supposed to say so I'm gonna say it bc I'm trash like that
  13. Kitana Kiki Rodriguez
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  14. Charlize Theron
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    Mad Max: Fury Road
  15. Jennifer Jason Leigh
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    The Hateful Eight (this wasn't a supporting role???)
  16. Brie Larson (She wins even though I haven't seen it)
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    Room (I just know she deserves it, ya know?)
  17. Lily Tomlin
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    Grandma (Haven't seen it either but she OBVIOUSLY deserves it)
  19. Jason Mitchell (He wins, he was amazing)
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    Straight Outta Compton (Yeah he deserves Best Actor category)
  20. Didn't see any of the other movies that the apparent frontrunners are in, don't really care
  21. Michael B. Jordan
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    Creed (I'm sure he's incredible, like duh)
  22. Matt Damon, I guess
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    The Martian
  23. Cranston can have one
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  24. Jason Segel
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    The End of the Tour (I almost forgot this but he was good)
  26. Elizabeth Banks
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    Love & Mercy (I fucking loved her and this entire movie)
  27. Mya Taylor
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    Tangerine (Seriously the acting in this was so good it felt like you were watching a documentary)
  28. Jane Fonda
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    That movie that she's apparently amazing in, she seems deserving for sure
  29. Idk I'm out of opinions on this...
  30. Kate Winslet
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    Steve Jobs (Basing this one her willingness to wear those glasses)
  31. Me (I win)
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    The movie that is me creating the illusion of having it together in life, which the Academy only considers to be a supporting role
  33. Paul Dano (He wins, so good)
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    Love & Mercy
  34. Oscar Isaac
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    Ex Machina
  35. Emory Cohen
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    Brooklyn (Haven't seen it but I really really feel his vibe)
  36. Idris Elba
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    Beasts of No Nation (I trust that Idris knocked it out of the park, come on)
  37. Bill Hader & Ben Schwartz
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  38. I feel like movies this year were 💤 probably bc TV IS WHERE IT'S AT
    Yeah we were seriously lacking especially in movies about women and people of color, come on guys!!!!!!!!
  39. But these ppl and movies did good tho
    Nice work, I enjoyed you
  40. This list is pretty limited but it's MY EXPERIENCE and that is valid