@ the globe pub chicago (requested by @erikaaa !!)
  1. @nataliarodas and I got there early
  2. But we didn't know the protocol was to wait in the back room and you'd sign up in order
  3. So we ended up not being able to sign up until like the 20th spots
  4. There were like 30 comics at this, is that normal?
  5. We watched a parade of white bois with a handful of non white bois and a smaller handful of women
  6. The room was pretty much just comics waiting to do their set
  7. The host was super supportive and was laughing the loudest at everyone. Rly appreciated his vibe
  8. Lots of people left after their set which was rude honestly?
    Maybe not? Idk etiquette
  9. So when it came to us it had been like 2 hrs and there were like 5 ppl in the audience, all comics waiting to go on
  10. @nataliarodas went first and was awesome
  11. Then I went
  12. I feel like I was reciting my set to much? Maybe not?
  13. And then I was like, am I supposed to be playing with the mic stand? Ppl seemed into that
  14. But I thought my set went well and jokes were hitting. Ppl laughed!
  15. Afterward I felt good and adrenaline rush was real
  16. I'm glad it was at least a low pressure crowd
  17. Then we stayed for like another hour and watched more comics
  18. It seemed like we were really some of the only inexperienced ones there but I felt like we were on par in terms of quality
  19. It was fun and we're going to another on Thurs