Looking for seed funding. Put me on Shark Tank.
  1. Makeoutbuddiez.app
    Tinder but for making out, nothing more
  2. Nap stores
    Like those Japanese business hotels but you can rent a pod by the hour to nap in and pay extra for music and nice pillows and smells. Perfect for airports, college campuses, or crowded city areas.
  3. "Historical Periods" underwear
    Underwear with famous people who have been killed on them so girls can learn how to use tampons and about history at the same time when they first get their period. They will be motivated to use tampons if it means Anne Boleyn doesn't get beheaded that day
  4. Oops I Emailed Your Mom
    I provide a service where women can send me the gross things dude say to them on text or wherever and I investigate to anonymously email it to their mom
  5. Bravo reality show "Clean Up Your Act"
    I help notable people who have lost their way (Miley, Kylie) get it together by teaching them the ways of intersectional feminism and appropriate footwear (think about it @andycohen)
  6. Grindr for dogs in your area
    What dogs are down to pet?