Okay like I get it can be trivializing to talk only about what actresses are wearing but it's also trivializing to say that I can't be a tough as nails feminist who fucking loves red carpet fashion! Here are ladies whose looks I think deserve celebration in addition to their other amazing accomplishments:
  1. Laverne Cox
  2. Gina Rodriguez
  3. Jennifer Lopez
  4. Lola Kirke
  5. America Ferrera
    Very about this mustard motif
  6. Brie Larson
  7. Olivia Wilde
  8. Kirsten Dunst
    Exactly what I would wear honestly
  9. Zendaya
  10. Jaime Alexander
  11. Lady Gaga
  12. Lily James
  13. Rachel Bloom
  14. Care Blanchett
    Obviously I love this strange, fringe frock. Cate is queen